Espresso And Coffee





Espresso with a dollop of steamed or frothed milk


Espresso and water


Equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk


Espresso and steamed milk


Espresso and steamed half & half

Flavored Latte  

Espresso, flavor shot, steamed milk

New! Nitro Coffee  

Slightly effervescent, cold brew coffee on tap

Gourmet Drip  


Iced Coffee  

Coffee with coffee ice cubes

Shot in the Dark  

(add espresso shot)

Cafe au Lait  

(add steamed milk)


flavors vary and may include • Almond • SF Almond • Banana • Butter Rum • Caramel • SF Caramel • Cherry • Chocolate Milano • Cinamon • Coconut • English Toffee • Hazelnut • SF Hazelnut • Irish Cream • Peppermint • Pumpkin Spice • Raspberry • Vanilla • SF Vanilla


• Caramel • Chocolate • White Chocolate • Original Chai • Spicy Chai

Specialty Espresso Drinks

Black Forest Mocha  

Cherry syrup, chocolate

Coconut Caramel Dream  

Caramel, coconut syrup

Hot Vanilla Fudge  

Chocolate, vanilla & hazelnut syrups

Almond Joy  

Chocolate, coconut & almond syrups

Bananas Foster  

Caramel, banana syrup, cinnamon

Creme Brulee  

Caramel, vanilla & cinnamon syrups, raw sugar, half & half

Bit o' Honey  

Hazelnut syrup and honey

The NuBella  

Chocolate Milano & hazelnut syrups

Lucky Bloke  

Irish cream & English toffee syrups, cinnamon

Cotton Candy  

White chocolate, raspberry & vanilla syrups

Butter Me Up  

Caramel, butter rum syrup, cinnamon

Tea and Tea Drinks

Black Teas  

• English Breakfast • Earl Grey • Mango Cylon • Decaffeinated Ginger Peach • Lapsang Souchong • Fancy Formosa Oolong

Green & White Teas  

• Tangerine Green Sencha • Morrocan Gunpowder Mint • White Peony • Lung Ching Dragonwell • Phoenix Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Herbal Infusions (caffeine-free)  

• Chamomile Comfort • African Roobios • Hibiscus Blend • Yerba Mate

Add $1 to turn your tea into a Cambric

Chai Tea

Chai Latte Hot or Iced  

Maya (original) and Devi (spiced)

Java Chai  

(add an espresso shot)


Breakfast Burritos  

Flour tortilla, eggs, potatoes, cheese, vegetarian green chili and vegetarian refried beans. With bacon, chorizo, sausage or vegetarian.

All baked here, most from scratch. Daily selection varies.

Chocolate Croissants  



• Banana Nut • Cranberry Orange • Blueberry


flavors vary

Protein Bars  

• Chocolate • Vanilla

Breakast Bars  

flavors vary


• plain • everything

Cinnamon Rolls  


Breakfast Panini

Egg and Cheese Panini  


The Expo  

Two eggs, ham, swiss, red onion, tomato, garlic butter

The Ohio  

Two eggs, bacon, mozzarella, red onion, mushroom, garlic butter

The Washington  

Two eggs, turkey, swiss, guacamole, garlic butter, black pepper

The Pearl  

Two eggs, sausage, havarti, pesto, tomato



Ham, salami, swiss and olive-garlic tapenade

The Mediterranean  

Hummus, mozzarella, black olive, roasted red pepper, red onion - optionally, add chicken

Pesto Zucchini  

Grilled squash, havarti, pesto optionally, add bacon

Rosso Fresco  

Ham, mozzarella, roasted red peppers

Veggie Bello  

Cucumber, roasted red peppers, mushroom, havarti

Swiss Bacon Turkey  

Turkey, bacon, swiss, tomato

Mona Lisa  

Tomato, mozzarella, pesto, balsamic optionally, add ham

The Eiffel  

Ham, swiss, butter

Turkey Tango  

Turkey, bacon, havarti, tomato, balsamic


Turkey, cheddar, tomato, guacamole, mayo


Chicken, swiss, tomato, balsamic

Club Classic  

Turkey, ham, bacon, swiss, tomato, mayo

Grilled Cheese  


Evening Drinks


4 to 7 PM Monday through Saturday

$2 OFF All Beers
$3 OFF Cocktails
$3 OFF Wines by the Glass
$15 OFF Wines by the Bottle
1/2 OFF Black Box House Wines
1/2 OFF all Tapas

Signature Cocktails

Made with Cintronique Lemonade

The Jeanette  

Jack Daniels, ginger beer



Mae Rose  

Bombay Sapphire Gin, hibiscus tea

Orange Belle  

Grand Marnier

The Burr  

Our version of a Shanty with LTB Mexican Lager

Classic Cocktails

Tom Collins  

Bombay Sapphire, lemon, sugar and seltzer

Vodka Tonic  

Skyy Vodka and tonic


Skyy Vodka and orange juice

Jack & Coke  


Colorado Bulldog  

Skyy Vodka, Kahlua, cream and Coke

Gin & Tonic  

Bombay Sapphire and tonic

White Russian  

Skyy Vodka, Kaluha and cream

Black Russian  

Skyy Vodka and Kaluha

Front Porch Punch  

Grapefruit Pelligrino and Jack Daniels

Espresso & Coffee Cocktails

Beau Frere  

Espresso, Frangelico, chocolate milano, milk

Grandmere Mocha  

Espresso, Grand Marnier, chocolate, milk

Irish Cream Liqueur Latte  

Espresso, Irish Cream liqueur, milk

Irish Coffee  

Jameson Irish Whiskey, coffee


Ask about our Citronique Sangria!

Red Wines  

Line 39 - Cabernet Sauvignon - California
St. Cosme Shiraz - France
Predator Zinfandel - California
Alta Vista Malbec - Argentina
La Familia Merlot - California
Piccini Chianti - Italy
Guenoc Pinot Noir - Californina
Stella Rosa Rossa Moscato - Italy
Jean Luc Columbo Rose - France
Tercos Bonarda - Argentina
Black Box Cabernet Savignon- California
Black Box Malbec- Argentina
Black Box Red Blend - California

White Wines  

Farmhouse - White Blend - California
Kim Crawford - Sav Blanc - New Zealand
Piccini - Pinot Grigio - Italy
Macon-Villages - Chardonnay - France
Zardetto - Prosecco - Italy
Stella Rosa - Moscato - Italy
Guadagni - Orvieto - Italy
Casul Garcia - Vihno Verde - Portugal
Kung Fu Girl - Riesling - Washington
Black Box Chardonnay - California
Black Box Savignon Blanc - Chile
Black Box Riesling - California

Colorado Beers

Lone Tree Brewery  

• Mexican Lager • Peach Ale • Irish Red

Elevation Beer Co.  

• 8 Second Kolsch Ale • Little Mo' Porter


• Apple Cider

Bonfire Brewery  

• Blond Pale Ale • Kindler Pale Ale • Demshitz Brown Ale

Eddyline Brewing  

• Pale Ale • IPA • Raspberry Wheat

Telluride Brewing Co.  

• Whacked Out Wheat

Tapas, Etc.

Mediterranean Olives  

gluten free

Italian Meatballs  

with Worcestershire aioli, gluten free

Charcuterie - Cheese Plates  

with Meat and/or Fruit and a sliced baguette or gluten free crackers

Tortilla Flats  

on a crispy flour or gluten free tortilla
• Chili Lime Chicken • Bacon Pesto
• The Caprese • Mushroom Pepper • Chorizo

Toasted Focaccia  

with butter



• Chocolate Chip • Oatmeal Raisin


Topped with mixed berries and chocolate

Lemon Bar  

Made here from scratch, gluten free

Diablo Brownie  

Made here from scratch

Little Betty  

Soft ginger molasses sandwich cookie, made here from scratch


Flavors vary

Sodas, Steamers, Et Cetera


Our Herb-Infused Lemonade. Flavor varies • Ginger • Lavender • Mint • Rosemary • Tarragon

Italian Soda  

Club soda & syrup served over ice (16 oz)

French soda  

Club soda, syrup & cream over ice (16 oz)


Mocha, White Mocha, Caramel or Chai (16 oz)

Hot Chocolate  



Syrup and Steamed Milk

Just for Kids!  

Kid's Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Milk or Steamer - for kids under 12. (8 oz.)


Berry Hibiscus  

Vitamin C, antioxidants! Mixed berries, banana, herbal hibiscus tea

Sweet Reward  

Fantastic post-workout! Banana, chocolate milk, chocolate soy protein powder

Alpha Beta Carrot  

Apple, carrot, ginger, orange juice

Green Apple  

Apple, cucumber, banana, celery, apple juice


Strawberries, mango, banana, orange juice